GLOBALFOUNDRIES Selects Solido Variation Designer for High-Sigma Monte Carlo and PVT Design in its AMS Reference Flow

SAN JOSE, Calif. August 29, 2011 – Solido Design Automation Inc., the leading provider of variation analysis and design software for custom integrated circuits, today announced that GLOBALFOUNDRIES has selected Solido Variation Designer for its Analog/Mixed-Signal (AMS) Reference Flow. The Solido products included are the Solido Variation Designer High-Sigma Monte Carlo+ and PVT+ packages.

Variation effects have a significant impact on nanometer circuit designs, causing performance loss, yield loss, and re-spins. To address this challenge, Solido Variation Designer together with GLOBALFOUNDRIES variation models are used to efficiently simulate variation effects in the design flow, enabling designers to improve their designs and make them robust to variation effects. GLOBALFOUNDRIES qualified Solido Variation Designer using its 28nm PLL reference flow design.

High-Sigma Monte Carlo Design

Variation-aware custom IC design is important for high-sigma designs with high yield requirements. This includes highly-leveraged designs (e.g. memory, standard cell), as well as designs that must satisfy very high quality requirements (e.g. automotive, medical).

Solido Variation Designer High-Sigma Monte Carlo+ package is included as part of GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ 28nm AMS reference flow. The benefits of Solido High-Sigma Monte Carlo+ package demonstrated on the reference design include that it is orders of magnitude faster than Monte Carlo analysis, SPICE-accurate, scalable to large number of process parameters, and verifiable.

“We are pleased to work with Solido to include variation analysis and design methodology in our AMS Reference Flow,” said Richard Trihy, director of design enablement, at GLOBALFOUNDRIES. “Solido Variation Designer together with GLOBALFOUNDRIES models makes it possible to perform high-sigma design for high-yield applications.”

PVT Corner Design

PVT corners account for process corner conditions, such as: fast/slow MOS transistors; max/min resistors; and environmental conditions such as voltage, temperature, load, bias. For nanometer designs, the number of possible combinations of process and environmental conditions can easily become very large, requiring such extensive simulation that some worst-case corners could be missed. Solido Variation Designer PVT+ package takes advantage of variation data in GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ models to provide efficient PVT corner analysis and design. It allows thorough coverage of possible worst-case PVT corner combinations, without having to simulate every combination. The benefits of Solido PVT+ package demonstrated on the reference design include a speed improvement and the identification of design sensitivities to corner conditions.

“Solido is pleased to be included in GLOBALFOUNDRIES AMS Reference Flow,” said Amit Gupta, president and CEO of Solido Design Automation. “By using Solido Variation Designer with GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ models, our mutual customers can create designs through 6 sigma that are robust to variation, as well as quickly identify design sensitivities under worst-case PVT corner conditions.”

About Solido Design Automation
Solido Design Automation Inc. is a leading provider of variation analysis and design software for custom integrated circuits. Solido Variation Designer and application packages are used by custom IC designers spanning analog/RF, I/O, memory and standard cell digital library design teams, to improve design performance, power and area, maximize parametric yield, avoid project delays and prevent catastrophic failure. The privately held company is venture capital funded and has offices in the U.S.A., Canada, Asia and Europe. For further information, visit or call 306-382-4100.