Variation-Aware Custom IC Design Report 2011

This report covers the results of an independent worldwide custom IC design survey, executed in late 2010, with 486 IC design professionals participating.

The comprehensive feedback from custom IC designers and engineering management can be used to understand how variation is impacting semiconductor company management’s ability to meet design specifications and deadlines. This becomes especially critical with the increasing impact of variation with shrinking process geometries.

The topics covered in this report are:

I. Survey methodology and demographics
II. Custom IC areas where most advancement sought
III. Driving reasons for variation-aware design
IV. Variation impact on project deadlines and tapeouts
V. Designer time spent managing variation
VI. Plans to implement variation-aware design tools in 2011
VII. Process nodes where variation-aware design becomes important
VIII. Ranking of custom IC design tools to be made “variation-aware”
IX. Summary and financial impact

Click here for a copy of the complete Variation-Aware Custom IC Design Report.

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