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Solido provides fast, accurate variation-aware and characterization design software, enabling customers to deliver the most competitive products while reducing time to market and risk of respins.

Solido Variation Designer boosts SPICE simulator efficiency by dramatically reducing the number of simulations for Monte Carlo, PVT, and variation debugging while increasing design coverage. Variation Designer is certified by leading foundries and is used by top semiconductor companies to design memory, standard cell, analog/RF, and custom digital ICs in nanometer and low power processes.

Solido ML Characterization Suite reduces standard cell, memory, and I/O  characterization time and resources, while delivering production-accurate Liberty models. It uses machine learning technology, which adaptively models the full characterization space, boosting accuracy where needed to achieve production targets, while saving most of the simulation in other areas.

The following demo presentations are available:

Solido Variation Designer for Memory

Full Chip Memory and Cell Level Statistical Verification

See how Solido’s customers are using Variation Designer for memory design:

  • Hierarchical Monte Carlo: Verify full-chip memories with perfect statistical accuracy with Solido’s newest memory technology
    • Statistically correct verification of replicated structures
    • Correct application of both global and local variation
  • High-Sigma Monte Carlo: Verify columns, bitcells, sense amps, and other memory blocks to high-sigma quickly and with perfect Monte Carlo and SPICE accuracy
    • Scale to support real-world circuits (such as memory columns and critical paths)
    • Solve pass/fail, binary, and multi-modal output measurements
    • Efficiently debug high-sigma variation problems
    • Produce trustworthy high-sigma verification results


Solido Variation Designer for Standard Cell

Statistical Verification and Sizing of Cell Libraries

See how Solido’s customers are using Variation Designer for standard cell design:

  • High-Sigma Monte Carlo: Fast, accurate, scalable, and verifiable high-sigma verification of standard cell libraries
    • Accurately capture performance and power vs. sigma tradeoffs for the entire sigma range
  • Cell Optimizer: Fast, accurate optimization of standard cells
    • Variation-aware optimization across PVT corners, Monte Carlo corners, and High-Sigma Monte Carlo corners
    • Highly flexible setup of variables, goals, and constraints
    • Batch operation for optimizing complete cell libraries


Solido Variation Designer for Analog/RF and Custom Digital

Statistical & PVT Verification and Debug

See how Solido’s customers are using Variation Designer for analog/RF and custom digital design:

  • Statistical PVT: Solido’s all-new capability delivers unprecedented accuracy and coverage across 3-sigma statistical variation and operating conditions, fast
  • Fast PVT: 2-50X faster verification across corners & operating conditions
  • Fast Monte Carlo: Fast, accurate 3-sigma verification & corner extraction
  • High-Sigma Monte Carlo: Fast, accurate, scalable, and verifiable high-sigma Monte Carlo verification and design for analog/RF and custom digital circuits

Solido ML Characterization Suite for Standard Cell, Memory and I/O

Fast, Accurate Library Characterization Tools Powered by Machine Learning

See how ML Characterization Suite is being used for characterization of standard cell, memory, and I/O:

  • Predictor: Reduces characterization time by 30% to 70%
    • Produces new libraries instantly for any additional PVTs, saving hours to days
    • Highly accurate
    • Works with: NLDM, CCS, CCSN, waveforms, ECSM, AOCV, LVF, and more
  • Statistical Characterizer: Generates statistical library models with Monte Carlo and SPICE accuracy
    • 1000x faster than brute force Monte Carlo and precisely handles non-Gaussian distributions
    • Delivers true 3-sigma LVF/AOCV/POCV