Solido's Support Model

Solido Design Automation offers a best-in-class support model that provides tangible results to our customers around the world. Using a unique model where our Applications Engineers actively work with designers and forge real relationships, we are better able to educate our customers, develop tailored methodologies, and provide high-calibre support. It is because of these methods that we can help even large user bases quickly ramp up to adoption.

The Applications Engineers at Solido Design Automation aren’t just support staff – they’re experts who love to watch as designers themselves become experts. Designers place high value on our unique support model focused around 1-on-1 training. Each of our Applications Engineers deals with only a small number of designers instead of hundreds or thousands, giving them the opportunity to develop the expert knowledge to solve problems faster. We solve real production design challenges and help our customers to take full advantage of our software. Our culture is deeply rooted in a desire to help our customers get maximum value from our tools, resulting in optimized and innovative designs.

Methodology Development

Successful and competitive designs need more than just a tool. We work directly with our customers’ methodology experts to collaboratively develop accurate, efficient, and domain-specific methodologies. Beginning with an in-depth understanding of the design flow and requirements, we help to develop a methodology that works for you. Our accomplished team of Applications Engineers can offer optimizations resulting in better overall designs and productivity.

CAD Integration

Variation Designer fluidly integrates with any CAD environment, simulator, or PDK. Our development team works directly with our customers to ensure that all of our tools work seamlessly in their current design environment, making it easy to bring our tools into any flow. Years of work with companies around the world has given us the means to already integrate with the most well-known simulators and PDKs in the industry.

Solido Education Program

We pride ourselves on working with designers who have mastered our tools through our efforts. When starting out with our tools, designers go through a hands-on comprehensive education program covering everything they’ll need to produce great designs. One-on-one training sessions introduce the key concepts, accurate methodologies, and the best practices, then this knowledge is applied to production designs with hands-on tool training. Built-in documentation, group learning sessions, and site visits can often provide supplemental learning for our customers to further expand their knowledge of our tools.

1 on 1 Training

1-on-1 Training

Unparalleled by any other support model in the industry, Solido provides 1-on-1 training to all of the designers using our tools. Each designer is equipped with the knowledge allowing them to understand how our tools can be used on their chips. Our expert Applications Engineers work with designers to carefully explain the necessary concepts and the use of our tools using WebEx to allow for hands-on training from anywhere in the world. With training tailored to suit the needs and requirements of each individual, designers quickly become experts themselves, giving their designs the competitive edge they need.

Realtime Support

Realtime Support

We strive to provide our customers with incredibly fast turnaround for all of their support problems. Our highly-capable Applications Engineers respond quickly to our designers’ support needs and often find a solution within minutes. Working with the deeply knowledgeable and talented software developers allows our Applications Engineers to deliver immediate, same-day support to get our designers back into production.

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